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Jeff Atwood does more good work

Jeff Atwood announced that he is leaving Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange after this month in order to have more time for the more important, world-changing work of caring for his young and growing family.

The Internet is full of praise for men whose professional successes come at a terrible cost to their wives, and to their children. Meanwhile we wring our hands at the costs of fatherlessness in our nation. Let us take our hats off to Jeff for his manly choice to do the humble, necessary work that does not lead to public praise.

Here’s to you, Jeff, and to all of the sane ones.

Jeff’s work on Stack Overflow will always have special meaning to me, because of the essential role it played in my vocational change. When I was starting from zero at age 36 my only source of programmer culture was the Internet, and Stack Overflow was the most essential part of that. When I was only able to manage one hour a day for programming and I had know idea what I was doing, the ability to get correct answers to noob questions quickly would have been worth significant money. The pace of my progress would have been substantially different without SO, which was huge to a father of four that had real questions about how he would provide for his family.

So thanks for everything, Jeff. Thanks for helping me to care for my family. And thanks especially for caring for yours.


Written by Eric Wilson

February 6, 2012 at 9:24 pm

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  1. […] creator Marco Arment, who says Atwood clearly has a healthy perspective on life, and others praising him for the decision, though maybe that’s because I became a first time father myself not too […]

  2. I see we’re following the same blogs: The Endeavour and Coding Horror. Nice choice.


    September 24, 2012 at 9:40 pm

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